Don’t forget the technology tax

Using IT to help your business is not a one off cost. As time goes by, new updates and patches are released, hardware becomes outdated, and your IT equipment will become slower and perhaps no longer fulfill the needs of … Read More

14 Reasons to Look Forward to Windows 8

‘It’s inevitable Mr Anderson’ says Smith from The Matrix, and the upcoming release of another version of Windows is also inevitable. Upgrades are usually a time for frustration for the IT departments and existing users, but always exciting for the … Read More

Windows 8 Promises Simplified Reset and Refresh Options

As the launch of Windows 8 looms ever closer Microsoft are talking about the new features of the operating system. One feature will be perfect for those occasions when you need to go back to the default install of you … Read More

6 Technology Trends to watch for in 2012

With the launch of a new year it is always fun to think about what new technologies will emerge in the next 12 months. We think you need to watch out for the following; Smart phones will continue getting smarter, … Read More

Windows 8 ReBuild Event at Black Marble

We attended the Black Marble Event on Wednesday which gave us some information regarding Windows 8 and what we can expect from a developer’s perspective, and we are really excited. It looks like our existing C# and JavaScript skills will … Read More

Microsoft Readies New Patch to fix ASP.NET Vulnerability

Microsoft is preparing to release an out-of-band security fix for the ASP.NET flaw reported earlier this month. The company admitted to the problem in a security advisory on 17 September, in which it suggested a workaround that companies should apply … Read More

Access Payroll Software

Access Payroll Software Employee records If not integrating with HR, user-friendly wizards guide you through the process of adding new starters, while tab-style record cards allow you to build up comprehensive employee information. Just some of the information you can … Read More

Access Payroll Software; Accreditation and legislation

HMRC-accredited We automatically release updated versions of payroll to meet legislative changes. Each new release is re-tested against the highest level of accreditation made available by HMRC. All upgrades are available to you at no extra cost, within the terms … Read More

Access Payroll Software; Reporting and Analysis

Payroll reporting A comprehensive range of reports are provided as standard. Exception reports help you validate your payroll before it’s finalised, giving you confidence in your payroll processing. The system retains full details of all payments made, enabling the preparation … Read More

Access Payroll Software; Speed and Security

Performance Access payroll solutions are built on Microsoft SQL Server technology. This highly scalable, high-performance platform means you can run your payroll, period and year end processes in minutes, whether you have ten employees or 10,000. Controlled access to information … Read More