Don’t forget the technology tax

technology tax means you need to upgrade regularlyUsing IT to help your business is not a one off cost. As time goes by, new updates and patches are released, hardware becomes outdated, and your IT equipment will become slower and perhaps no longer fulfill the needs of the day.

It’s worthwhile thinking about this as a technology tax, and it only gets more expensive the longer you leave your equipment between upgrades and new investments.

What happens when you ignore the tax and try to get more life out of your IT equipment?

  • The equipment becomes slower to use
  • The equipment becomes unstable and starts crashing
  • New software releases supercede old releases and provide no upgrade path
  • Old hardware becomes end of line and replacements no longer available

The trouble is that all of these things happen usually at once and by then it is too late, and the necessary upgrade may need to be performed across multiple versions, which might mean data may not be transferred and may even be lost.

Make sure you are aware of technology tax, and muddling through with old technology may not be saving you money at all. Upgrading regularly can be cheaper in many cases, and you should discuss a reasonable upgrade cycle with your IT support provider.

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