4 Millions Windows 8 Upgrades in 4 Days

After selling 4 million upgrades in 4 days, Microsoft is off to an amazing start thanks to its newest operating system Windows 8. Many “techies” suggest this is mainly down to the multitude of changes and dynamic new approach to … Read More

New Office on Windows Phone 8 Arrives

Today, Microsoft have introduced the new version of Office that is available on every Windows Phone 8. They have worked tirelessly to complete their 5 main objectives for this piece of software, seemingly putting sync-ability and sharing top of the … Read More

A beginner’s guide to WordPress – let’s start adding content

  Maintaining your WordPress website sounds like a daunting project, but the truth is, as soon as your designer has the general design and layout worked out and implemented for you, updating and maintaining your site isn’t as mind-boggling as … Read More

A beginner’s guide to WordPress – Getting started by editing your Pages

Welcome to A Beginner’s Guide to WordPress by Itexpress. We will be uploading information on how to update and populate your WordPress Website to give you complete control over your content. Updating your website also connects you directly with your … Read More

ITexpress Workshop back at the Courtyard

On 23rd October 2012 we are hosting our popular IT workshop at the Courtyard on Boothferry Road in Goole. The workshop starts at 5.30pm and topics to be discussed by Andy and his team are the changes to the HMRC … Read More

Android Apps Accessible on Windows 8 Devices

With the release of Windows 8 imminent, exciting news was announced today that you will be able to run Android Apps on the new software. Collaboration between AMD and Software firm Bluestacks, allows devices to run the 500,000 apps currently … Read More

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Released and Reviewed

Windows 8 Consumer Preview was released for download yesterday and it looks like it is getting some good reviews right now. We have managed to install it on a few machines with no real problems to report, although we’ll leave … Read More

Platform Considerations for Bespoke Software Development

When embarking on a bespoke software project, one of the first things you need to decide will be the platform you or your developer uses to build the software. In the days of traditional desktop software this was relatively straightforward. … Read More

Why there is still a need for IT Support

You would think that in today’s world of high tech, with companies releasing gadget after gadget which supposedly simplifies our lives, that IT support companies would be a thing of the past, but if anything, we need IT support companies … Read More

Apple Announce Mountain Lion Upgrade for OSX

It has to be said that most of our customers favour windows machines and servers, but there are a few customers who prefer Apple, and this number is steadily growing with the success of iPhone and iPad. We support and … Read More