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14 Reasons to Look Forward to Windows 8

14 Reasons to Look Forward to Windows 8

windows 8 help‘It’s inevitable Mr Anderson’ says Smith from The Matrix, and the upcoming release of another version of Windows is also inevitable. Upgrades are usually a time for frustration for the IT departments and existing users, but always exciting for the new user or when you sensibly buy a new PC to run the new operating system on.

We at ITexpress are looking forward to Windows 8, especially with regard to its tablet capabilities, and PC Advisor recently posted an article highlighting 14 things to look forward to. See the list below.

  • Metro Interface
  • Fast BootUp
  • Reset and Refresh
  • Windows To Go
  • Windows Store
  • Ribbon Interface
  • WiFi Direct Support
  • NFC Support
  • Native ISO Image Support
  • Side By Side Apps on Tablets
  • ARM Processor Support
  • Windows Live SkyDrive Integration
  • Hyper V
  • Beefed Up Task Manager

Some of the reasons are a bit geeky what with Hyper V virtualisaion and ARM processor support, never mind Native ISO Image Support. Most people won’t care about such things, but the stand outs for us are really the reset and refresh which will make it much easier to reset machines after suffering from file corruptions, and of course the faster boot times.

Are you looking forward to Windows 8?

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