Access Payroll Software

Access Payroll Software

Employee records

If not integrating with HR, user-friendly wizards guide you through the process of adding new starters, while tab-style record cards allow you to build up comprehensive employee information. Just some of the information you can store includes employment history and qualifications, holiday tracking, individual pay components and an employee photograph.

Statutory requirements

As you’d expect, all your statutory requirements are covered and your calculations, such as Directors’ Pay, NI and Student Loans, are handled automatically.


Pensions can be entered as a fixed sum or as a percentage of salary, and Additional Voluntary Contributions made at any time. COMP and COSR pensions can also be specified and PAYE, NIC and SSP tables are formatted in line with HMRC conventions. A monthly report shows all payments due for PAYE and National Insurance so you never fall behind on your commitments.

P11D processing

Company car and loans are dealt with automatically while all other calculations and reports associated with taxable benefits are easy to manage. P11D submissions can be made using traditional printed reports or online filing.

Flexible pay types & frequencies

We provide a comprehensive selection of the most commonly used paytypes and frequencies as standard. You can create and amend these as required, making it easy to handle fluctuations in staffing levels for example.

Multiple payments and allowances, such as bonuses, can be easily accounted for, and expressed as a weekly or monthly value. Salary increases and deductions are calculated automatically and you can preview the effect any calculation has on net pay at any time. Non-payable pay-types, such as holiday, can be linked to any deductions, quickly showing you the outstanding value of deductions against time accrued.


Multiple deductions, such as season ticket loans, can be activated for specific periods, shut down when the balance is paid and easily reactivated.

Electronic submission

Our payroll solutions provide full two-way communication with the Government Gateway, making it easy to meet HMRC guidelines on electronic submission. Items you can send include: P11D, P14, P35, P45 (1&3) and P46 (car).


Using automation technology, e-payslips can be delivered electronically to users around your organisation, in line with your specific routines. Using the self-service facility within our HR software, employees can also view and print their pay information online, leading to further efficiency gains within your payroll department.

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