Office Software Solutions

We believe the software you use has a massive impact on the efficiency, well being, and effectiveness of your team. ITexpress can help you specify what you want to achieve from your software, and then help install and configure it on your system, training your team and even integrating it with other software to reduce duplication


Software solutions to build a better business

If you are looking to improve the way your IT serves your business then software is the place to look. ITexpress provide help and advice in selecting software which will keep your IT systems running quickly and securely, as well as helping you improve productivity.

From operating systems such as Windows 10 to security products providing anti virus and anti spam, the core of your systems can be fast and secure. Office 365 and other products can help your team stay productive and efficient

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Sometimes its not software you need

As well as off the shelf software products, we also help with bespoke solutions and what we call ‘middleware’. Middleware are smaller pieces of software created to help reduce data entry duplication and to import and export data to andfrom different sources. This is in the form of excel spreadsheets, crystal reports, or even small stand alone apps working in the background adding value to your business and helping you build a true competitive advantage

Talk to us about Propellor

Propellor is a cloud based project and team management system, there's no software to install and no expensive up front costs. You can start using it to make better business straight away.

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