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Specification, installation, and configuration services which help create the perfect platform for you to build a business upon. Having a fast, scalable, and reliable hardware system is a joy for your team and means you focus on what makes your business special


IT woes?
Not anymore...

Many businesses suffer from IT problems from time to time, and these problems can be minot irritations or even business destroying disasters. Choosing a company to support your IT will help mitigate these problems and allow you and your team to focus on your core business, looking after your customers. Get peace of mind and instant help with IT problems, delivered remotely or on-site with qualified expert technicians, advising on the equipment which helps meet your objectives and budgets, as well as assistance in installation and implementation.

ITexpress also provide networks based upon wired connections or wifi, can help connect and authorise ‘bring from home’ devices such as tablets or phones, and ensure they are connected quickly and easily, with fast connections and with the appropriate security access and privileges.

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Propellor is a cloud based project and team management system, there's no software to install and no expensive up front costs. You can start using it to make better business straight away.

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