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Success is best achieved by knowing what needs doing. Collaborating to make progress, and measuring the results. Propellor by ITexpress includes tools to make task management as effortless as possible, great collaboration tools for your team and clients and powerful reporting and progress tracking dashboards.



IT Support

Do you struggle with IT problems? Does your team complain their computers are too slow? Do you spend more time performing your own IT SupportĀ than talking to customers?

IT Support

Your IT systems are rapidly becoming the foundation of your business. Your customers want to communicate and transact with you using IT, your employees use IT for the majority of their work, and the government require you to use IT when complying with tax and employment legislation. Many companies realise that IT can be a competitive advantage and those companies which take IT seriously often are ahead in their industry. It is for this reason that choosing an IT support partner such as ITexpress is so important.

Like any important machine, your IT systems will need regular maintenance to keep them working at peak performance. In addition, sometimes your team will need help with your IT system to help them perform their role. At ITexpress we provide a complete Peace of Mind IT Support solution. We will perform all of the regular maintenance required on your IT system through our industry leading remote managed service. This includes updating your systems with the latest security patches, scanning for viruses and running automated backups.

We also help with IT support requests and provide an unlimited service. This means unlimited calls, unlimited remote assistance and unlimited on-site visits. The last thing we want to happen is for your team to be afraid to call IT support due to a perceived cost. All this does is turn small problems into much bigger problems which cause your business to be disrupted.

We only offer our support service to clients within a specific radius from our offices so we can guarantee a technician on-site within an hour. Your IT system is in many cases the platform you build your business on and as such, any disruption or failure of this system can impact the core of your business, upset and annoy your team which prevents them working at their peak performance and ultimately prevents you and your business from reaching its full potential.

We have a collaborative approach to our support services and understand that one size does not fit all and so we have a 5 step process beginning with our technology maximiser which is a review and information gathering exercise. After the technology maximiser, we can determine which solution I best for you and also determine if you have any glaring weaknesses or untapped opportunities within your IT system.

We then work with you to implement any improvements and introduce ourselves to your team before commencing our support and remote managed service and scheduling another technology maximiser after 180 days.

Call us today on 10405 765782 to find out how you can improve your IT systems, and take advantage of our IT Maximiser which is delivered at our own expense and highlights any areas of concern which you can choose to address yourself, no obligation!

Our Process

Gathering & Review Information

Implement Chosen Improvements

Schedule next Technology

Produce Report and Recommendations

Introduce Teams