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Jadan Press accelerate their web to print service thanks to ITexpress

Jadan press Limited– have been established for over 18 years,they are a medium sized family run Lithographic, digital Press Print & Design business situated in Kingston Upon Hull. Jadan press made a £100,000 investment on new software and hardware to facilitate … Read More

Latest Siri updates turn Apple’s Artificial Intelligence into a great personal assistant.

Apple’s new software update for all iPads and iPhones has introduced a whole bunch of new features for users. It hasn’t been without problems and there are plenty of news articles about bugs and problems the new update has caused, … Read More

Website marketing has changed

Content is king, and the your internet funnel   The growth of social media sites has transformed the way businesses are using the internet to increase business. Only a few years ago the way that businesses would get customers would … Read More

Protecting your business

Running a business is hard enough without having to be disrupted by IT problems. Even if you have relatively new technology you can still experience lost productivity and time if you suffer from an attack of some kind. Any cursory … Read More

Tips on how to manage your time

How to get more time out of your day   People with a busy lifestyle complain that there are never enough hours in a day to do all the tasks that they had originally planned. Here is an article providing … Read More

3 Best practices for marketing content

            In the last 5 years marketing has evolved rapidly, fuelled by a shift towards inbound marketing and social media tactics. 1. Less “salesy” Content works best. In order to reach sophisticated consumers, organisations must … Read More

Is Your Business Getting the Best from IT?

In my role I am lucky enough to speak to many business owners and also see how their businesses are doing and one thing is clear, this is a new age. Information is travelling faster than ever and recent studies … Read More

Using social media to promote your business

  Think social media is just for big businesses? Think again! It also provides a cheap and effective marketing tool for small businesses too. Businesses are diving into the social media space at a very fast pace. The allure of … Read More

10 things not to do on social media

  Businesses use a whole host of social networks to communicate their messages and increase awareness of their products and services. Anything released into the public domain should always be carefully considered. Once it is there, it is there for … Read More

Is collaboration for you?

What is collaboration? Collaboration is a working practice and it is a critical attribute to business success. This is where individuals work together to a common purpose to achieve business benefit. It allows individuals to work together to achieve a … Read More