Protecting your business

Running a business is hard enough without having to be disrupted by IT problems. Even if you have relatively new technology you can still experience lost productivity and time if you suffer from an attack of some kind. Any cursory read of the news will show that there are many ways that hackers and for want of a better word IT hooligans, try to attack a business and its IT systems.


Research shows that 4 out of 5 businesses will not recover after major data loss and most of the time the data loss could have been prevented.


Here is a short list of what to do to protect your IT systems                                stress-at-work-ed


Password Policy. Implementing a strong password policy will prevent unauthorised access to your data


Anti Spam and Email Training. It isn’t enough just to have anti spam measures as spam will always get through at some point. You need to train your team to only open email attachments if they are expecting them, and if there are any links in an email then to be careful that the link goes to where it is supposed to.


Anti virus and anti malware. Malware can hijack browsers and manipulate your search results as well as increase the number of popups. Anti virus is an obvious measure but it is surprising how many businesses do not have an up to date system and do not regularly check for any updates


Online backup. Even if you are confident in your on-site backups it is a great idea to have an online system too, for those eventualities when the backup is not taken off site, and also in case of access to your business being blocked for any reason.


A Disaster Recovery plan. It is common nowadays to have many internet accounts for all your banking, tax payments, as well as marketing channels. Do you know where these are and what their login credentials are? It is a good idea to put a short plan together which identifies all these resources and how to access them. Needless to say this information should be encrypted somewhere!


None of these tasks above will take much time, but implementing them will save you days, weeks, and even your whole business.


We are currently conducting IT Health-checks for local businesses who may need some help with their IT systems and want to secure themselves from disruption. This check is delivered at our own expense and is a great way to ready your business for an incredible 2016!

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