Website marketing has changed

Content is king, and the your internet funnel


The growth of social media sites has transformed the way businesses are using the internet to increase business. Only a few years ago the way that businesses would get customers would be a website with a bunch of products and services and then simply wait for people to find them. The more advanced businesses might use internet advertising to buy more traffic but other than that you were all set.


Now fast forward to today and the internet is a completely different place. Most internet users are now not sat in front of a computer but accessing the internet from their phone or tablet, and are not equipped with a keyboard so tend to use “hyperlinks” to get around rather than search. The average internet user also spends more time consuming media via the internet rather than reading information. This is because internet speeds are so much faster and the devices we use are built to make that media look great.


What does this mean for businesses? It means you are now going to get poorer results from your internet marketing in most cases unless you add more rich media to your website and at the same time reach out to those potential customers who are no longer searching as actively as they used to. As well as adding media you will also need to add content to other websites which act as a funnel to your own site.


You see, as well as watching more media, the internet has become more social. If you want to attract new customers it is a good idea to find out where they are hanging out online. Do they watch YouTube, browse Facebook, or converse on Twitter. In each case you will need a slightly different plan to first engage with them and then send them to your website where you can provide more information and turn that interest into sales.

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