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View All Team Activity at a Glance
Collaborate on Projects and Promises with Your Team and Associates
Helps Your team Get More Done in Less Time

Ultra Responsive layout

Looks great on any device, works on any browser, you and our team can work at home, on the road, even at the office!

Achieve More

Highlights the most important tasks in an easy to use dashboard and provides feedback on what has been achieved so far.

Easy To Customize

You can use the language your team is familiar with, easy to configure and instant updates with your own terminology

Work Faster and Smarter

Work faster without passing messages, sending trivial emails, or waiting for progress reports. Get and give feedback and collaborate quickly

Connect and Collaborate

Invite Associates and customers to their own projects so you can collaborate direct and reduce project lag and service response times

Safe and Secure

Using Microsoft’s leading cloud platform, Azure, you can be confident that the data is backed and security is world class, as well as maximum availability

Best for Teams of


Time saved per Team member per week


Promises Completed Per Week


Management Time Saved per week


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What People Say About Us

I can confidently and without hesitation recommended ITexpress to all businesses who rely even remotely on IT.

Steve Clements

Their service and procedure was undertaken with speed, service and at a very competitive price.

Pamela Wainman

We consider ITexpress as part of our company. They are our IT department.

Graham Cross

Other than the facts that the work was completed timely and at a reasonable cost, my overriding impression of ITexpress has been the high quality customer service they have delivered.

David Leake