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Systems & Support

The platform you run your business on, only faster, more reliable and with amazing support

The best foundation for building a better business

The platform you run your business on, only faster, more reliable and with amazing support.

Outsourced Payroll and Bacs

Turning an ever more complex burden into peace of mind

Focus on your business and not be disrupted by payroll

Turning an ever more complex burden into peace of mind.

Web Design & SEO

Effective websites which look great on any device and convert more visitors into enquiries or orders

Domain Name registration and Hosting

Stable and secure Website and Email Hosting

Software Development

Data Integration, organisation and effective reporting

Mobile App Solutions

Apps developed for Windows Phone, iOS and Android

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Do you regularly back up your data? Are your PC’s up to date with their virus protection?

How regularly do you update your website and social media accounts? do you track your search engine analytics? If you are not sure on the answer to any of these questions your company could benefit from a free IT & Website Maximiser from ITexpress.

We specialise in maximising the performance of your IT equipment and our Website team can help you get the most from your website.

If you would like to book in for one of our free maximisers please don’t hesitate to click the book now button. Don’t let your IT slow down your productivity in 2016!

Our Values and Why You Should Consider ITexpress

Speed is important to us. From the Support we provide to the Projects we deliver
Looking at issues from a customer's point of view helps build Empathy
Reliability is a key performance measure for us, delivering on time and keeping promises
Adding Value to our products and services is a core requirement
If we need to break a few things to create better ways to do what we do then we will
Clear, accurate and honest communication is the way we roll, no matter what
What we do is always based in industry best practice and we aim to be the best
Many companies will say that service is important. At ITexpress, SERVICE is our culture

Want to read more about the culture we have built at ITexpress?The ITexpress Culture

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Important Considerations when Creating an Amazing Website

Ultra Responsive

There are all manner of devices being used to browse the web. Make sure that your website will look great on each and every one

Search Engine Optimised

It is important to ensure that search engines are able to crawl your website quickly and accurately, indexing every page and focused on the right keywords

Attractive and Fast

It isn’t nice to have an attractive and fast website, it is absolutely necessary. Your competitors are one click away and visitors to your website can be expensive

Converting Visitors

The point of your website is to convert visitors into something. Sometimes you want customers, sometimes it is subscribers, sometimes both!

Scalable and Stable

Websites can quickly become difficult to navigate simply because more and more information is added over time. Ensure your website can be expanded as time goes by

Quick to Edit and Add Content

Waiting a week for your latest news item to be added to your website is unacceptable. Ensure you can edit your website and add more content as and when you want to.

Our Website Services


Is Your IT Platform Blocking Your Progress or Propelling You Forward?

For many businesses, IT systems provide the foundation the rest of the business sits upon. With such a reliance on IT, you need to ensure that you can keep the systems functioning not only as much as possible, but also able to scale as you grow. Picking the right IT support provider who can balance the pressures of today with the needs of tomorrow, can help you with your business growth.

Our support offerings are tailor made for small, growing businesses, and we work hard to ensure that you get the level of support you need, and we deliver that support, quickly, simply, and with great service.

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Reduce the Burden of Payroll

Payroll is becoming more and more complicated due to increasing tax legislation combined with auto enroll pension, attachments of earnings and new holiday pay requirements. We take that burden and set you free to focus on your core business
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Could Bacs help your cashflow?

using a Bacs bureau can not only make multiple payments such as payroll and suppliers easier, we can also help you accept Direct Debit payments from your customers, easing cashflow problems and helping your credit control team
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Some of our amazing customers

Just a few of the amazing clients who have chosen ITexpress and are now free to focus on their core strengths whilst we focus on ours, a perfect partnership

Bespoke Software Development

Do Business your way and have working software in 12 weeks

Competitive advantage can be difficult to achieve when you use off the shelf software but what if you could have your own systems so everyone in your team works how you want them too?

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Software Integration and Data Import/Export

What if you could reduce Data Duplication and improve manual data entry

Many businesses use multiple spreadsheets and databases created within their team. Why not have an IT expert look at it and automate much of the work, reducing manual data entry time as well as improving accuracy?

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