Apple’s iPad: the Ugly

Having experienced the iPad for a little while we come to the ugly part. It’s strange that in many ways the best feature of the iPad is the worst, the App store. There are plenty of great apps on the … Read More

Apple’s iPad: The Bad

Continuing our little review of the iPad, we find that things aren’t as rosy as we might think. Despite having a great experience when unboxing and when using the iPad, there is a real sticking point when you first turn … Read More

Apple’s iPad: The Good

The iPad has had a great impact on the computing industry in the short time since it was released. There has been a surge in tablet computers being released and lots of media reports of lawsuits and indeed, their appearance … Read More

Your First Weeks Payroll Processed for Free

We want to look after your Payroll, but we understand that this can be a hard decision. That’s why we are offering to process your payroll for free for the first month! Payroll is one of those tasks which can … Read More


Google Release the +1 Button for the Web

Google are trying another social initiative with the +1 button, which you can place on your website and allow users to ‘+1’ your pages. … Read More