Apple’s iPad: The Good

iPad's Garage BandThe iPad has had a great impact on the computing industry in the short time since it was released. There has been a surge in tablet computers being released and lots of media reports of lawsuits and indeed, their appearance on many news and current events TV shows, can’t help but succeed in bringing tablet computers, more specifically the iPad, into the public consciousness.

As our son comes up to 9 months old, we decided to purchase one this Christmas and after plenty of use at home over the holiday I thought I would put together a few of my thoughts, in a kind of review. This is the first in my three part article.

So what are the good things about the ipad;

  • The unboxing. To begin with, the iPad, is slick, really slick. You can’t help but be impressed by the unboxing of the device. The box itself is sturdy and adds to the feeling of quality. After paying £399 for the lowest priced model, which is equivalent to a decent standard laptop computer, the iPad is most definitely a premium product. Inside the box you see the iPad, and underneath that is a cleverly put together power plug, which has an adapter for our UK sockets. Other than that the box has the USB cable which you use to connect the ipad to your computer, and thats about it.
  • Screen quality. The screen is really bright and clear. Watching movies on the iPad is great and Liam loved to see his favourite Twinkle Twinkle video on the iPad instead of on our phones.
  • Speed. The iPad is quick. Moviong from app to app is as fast as you would want it really, as any delay is less noticeable due to the clever animation transitions from one app to another.
  • Garageband. I play guitar and it was cool to load up Garageband and connect my guitar to the iPad and use the iPad as an amplifier, with a bunch of pedals and different amp models to choose from. It is not really up to my dedicated Line6 pedal board but it is good fun.
  • Included Apps. All the included apps are great. The photos and videos apps are easy to navigate and my wife soon got to grips with the iPad without asking me to help. The settings screens are sometimes less easy to navigate but overall it is impressive.
  • The camera. Using the iPad for stills is pretty rubbish, but using it for video has been great. Being able to quickly video little moments when Liam is doing something cute is probably our favourite part of the iPad.

So far, this is what we think are the good parts of the iPad. Stay tuned for the next part, which looks at the bad.

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