Windows 8 Consumer Preview Released and Reviewed

windows 8 helpWindows 8 Consumer Preview was released for download yesterday and it looks like it is getting some good reviews right now. We have managed to install it on a few machines with no real problems to report, although we’ll leave our thoughts on its use until after we have used it a little.

In the meanwhile a few people had a ‘preview of the preview’ and have produced detailed reviews;

The first is from Mashable and they have this to say;

Still, Windows 8 can only get more stable and easier to use while it slowly advances toward a general release, and Metro is gorgeous enough to keep me looking forward to Windows 8′s final act.

The next is from extremetech and they were pretty positive too;

I am now convinced that Windows 8 will be a hit with consumers — users who have historically opted for “it just works” devices — but I’m not so sure about power users and IT admins.

There seems to be a few concerns about how screens swtich from the Metro interface but we think that Microsoft will use this feedback and make it better when the next preview or beta is released. Each time there has been a new release we can see that things have improved.

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