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Success is best achieved by knowing what needs doing. Collaborating to make progress, and measuring the results. Propellor by ITexpress includes tools to make task management as effortless as possible, great collaboration tools for your team and clients and powerful reporting and progress tracking dashboards.



Website Design

In many instances in today’s world of internet connectivity, we are never far away from an internet browser and it is more and more common for your first contact with a prospective customer is your website. Having a professional website which portrays your brand, your culture, and your values is essential if you are to make the impression you want. It is also very important to ensure your website can be viewed on all devices and is easy to navigate not just with a mouse but with a stylus, a finger, even by voice.

ITexpress produce websites which meet these requirements and we work in a very collaborative way to ensure you get the website you want with the benefit of our experience. Successful websites don’t happen by accident. The first questions we ask are what you want your website to achieve. Is it a basic business card just to provide contact information or is it a sales tool driving new prospects through your sales process. These distinctions are important as it will influence what your website will not only look like but also feel like to a visitor.

This is why we ensure we have a full conversation with you and your business. We want to understand what you do, how you do it, and more importantly, why your customers love the way you deal with them, so we can help you find more of your favourite customers and produce a website which exceeds your expectations.

Our web services begin at the domain registration and hosting. Buying an appropriate domain name for the site is straightforward and we can assist through our sister company Aquatania. Hosting is important as this has a great influence on the speed of your website as well as its stability. Even though fast internet access is becoming more and more common, the massive growth in the use of mobile devices still means that speed is not something to be taken for granted.

After choosing the correct domain name and hosting platform we then move to design. We have a 5 step process

Web Promotion

You can always guarantee traffic to your website for those people who already know you, they will simply type your business name into Google or Bing or Yahoo and are often sent to the correct place. When people who don’t know you are searching for possible solutions to their problem that is when you need to look at web promotion.

Our approach is very collaborative and we begin by discussing with you what you want your website to achieve and who you want to attract. We then follow a simple 5 step process

Assess Organic Search Engine Performance, we look at your site and how it is indexed on the search engines. This is important as it tells us how good the website is in terms of content and the likelihood of our success using various promotion activities

Assess Promotion options, taking the information we gained in step 1 we can then advise on various promotion options and budgets you might require. We always start small as it is important to test and measure all the time. We want to ascertain whether your target audience will actually convert into bookings, orders, or enquiries before spending larger amounts of money

Create 12 week plan, we then create a 12 week plan of action as it is usual we might need some information from you as well as conducting activities ourselves. Scheduling activities on a constant basis rather than one big push tend to work better.

Set things up to go, we then set things up, whether that be social media profiles, ad campaigns, article creation etc.

Conduct the promotion activity, finally, we start the promotion activity, and regularly report back to you with updates to ensure we and you are moving towards the plan targets or goals.

We have a number of packages we have designed to help you start promoting your website with the minimum of jargon and also with a reasonable budget so you can easily begin the promotion of your website and fund more promotion from the gains made in the first plan.

What Our Clients Say About Us

"The team at ITexpress look after our whole IT system and also help us with our website design and marketing. Since choosing ITexpress we have been able to focus on our core business of providing industry leading concrete flooring and at the same time increase the number of enquiries from our website."

Jon WIlcox / Director of Level Best Concrete Flooring

"We have no hesitation in recommending ITexpress to any company looking for a safe pair of hands in which to place their IT needs"

Les Warren / GXD Logistics

"We consider ITexpress as part of our company. They are our IT department."

Graham Cross / GXD Logistics

``I can confidently and without hesitation recommended ITexpress to all businesses who rely even remotely on IT.``

Steve Clements / East Coast Sales

"First class quality of work & standards. Their service and procedure was undertaken with speed, service and at a very competitive price."

Pamela Wainman / Jadan Press

"Other than the facts that the work was completed timely and at a reasonable cost, my overriding impression of ITexpress has been the high quality customer service they have delivered. ITexpress provided a low cost solution to our problem and have given us the confidence to recommend their services to any of our customers."

David Leake / Founder of Houses Etc