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Making the Most of Employees Social Media Habits

Social Media is here to stay, and by that I mean that your employees, as well as your customers, are spending more time on social media sites every day. Businesses find this trend alarming, as not only do customers respond … Read More

Anilas Sauces Celebrate 20 Years in Business

Its amazing how fast time goes by, and it only seems like yesterday when ITexpress opened its doors, although it was over 12 years ago now. One of our favourite customers, Anila Vaghela, is celebrating her 20th year in business … Read More

Why Social Media may not work for your small business

There are more and more social media experts around nowadays, and they seem to be promising that social media will produce instant results. It isn’t true. In most cases we use social media to attract an audience to a particular … Read More

Yorkshire Bed Shop celebrate a new Web Design from ITexpress

It seems that many businesses are taking a good look at their websites at the moment. Yorkshire Bed Shop, previously known as Bedroom and Chair Centre, have had a revamp of their site and ITexpress were fortunate enough to be … Read More

How Often Should I Send My Email Newsletter?

A question we get asked a lot is how often should a business send out it’s email newsletters. Many business owners are reticent to sending out newsletters, as they don’t want to overwhelm their subscriber base. Although it is possible … Read More

Almost All Our Customers Websites are Built with WordPress. Here’s Why.

Back in 2005 when WordPress was at version 1.5, ITexpress built its own website using the WordPress platform. At that time we were, like many other designers, creating sites from scratch, and writing them by hand in html. Once we … Read More