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There’s no reason to have an outdated website

There’s no reason to have an outdated website No matter how big or small your businesses, the importance of a modern, and an easy to navigate website is crucial for your brand’s image. According to research conducted by Google, the first impression of … Read More

ITexpress add Two Great Free Services to Local Yorkshire Businesses

From January 2016 we are pleased to offer all our customers free Website and Technology maximiers. So if you have have a website that isn’t performing to its full potential, or you simply cant get your head around social media … Read More

Website marketing has changed

Content is king, and the your internet funnel   The growth of social media sites has transformed the way businesses are using the internet to increase business. Only a few years ago the way that businesses would get customers would … Read More

Meeting Helmsley in Business, Helmsley’s new Business Group

ITexpress met with a few of the members of the newly formed ‘Helmsley in Business’ group today. They had seen the work we had done with the ‘I Love Goole’ campaign and wanted to know more. During these last few … Read More

Google post updates to Search Engine Panda

A little while ago Google updated their search engine results with an update called Panda. Basically the update was aimed at low quality content and providing better quality search results. Google have posted an update through their blog pointing out … Read More

How to Increase Your Search Engine Ranking with BackLinks

In our discussions on Search Engine Optimisation we mentioned backlinks and how search engines use these back links to decide how important your website is and therefore what position your website appears within the results (the higher the better of course!) Backlinks … Read More

Writing Effective Copy for Search Engine Optimisation

Yesterday we mentioned Search Engine Optimisation and what it means. One of the things we discussed was writing effective copy to make the most of your search engine ranking. We use keywords when talking about search engine rankings. The visitors … Read More

What is Search Engine Optimisation

What is Search Engine Optimisation and why should I care? This is something we are asked quite often as we talk to business owners about their website. Basically, your website can only convert a certain amount of visitors into customers, … Read More

I Love Goole Website Launch from ITexpress

Today is the launch day of I Love Goole, Goole’s local reward card. ITexpress have been involved right from the beginning when the working group got together towards the end of November. Since then we have managed to design the … Read More

EastTrans launch new website with help from ITexpress

EastTrans are celebrating a new website launch and now have the ability to add their own news items to the website. EastTrans are based in Stallingbrough, near Grimsby and specialise in transporting goods across the country. They are probably the largest provider … Read More