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PAYE end of year tasks at a glance

The PAYE year end is almost upon us. Here is a handy list of tasks you will need to do; 19 April:Outstanding PAYE tax and Class 1 NICs – postal payments must reach your HMRC Accounts Office 22 April: Outstanding … Read More

HMRC to demand security from PAYE offenders

From 6 April 2012 HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) will be able to ask employers to pay a security where there is a serious risk that they won’t pay over their PAYE tax deductions or Class 1 National Insurance contributions (NICs). … Read More

What are the Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll

Many small businesses underestimate just how much work and time is taken up by processing their own payroll. By the time you have employed more than a few people the payroll function is already starting to get complicated and you … Read More

Companies paying PAYE bills with Credit Cards

More businesses than ever are paying their PAYE bills with credit cards, says Scotsman.com. In 2005/2006 only about £2m of tax bills were paid by credit card but in 2010/2011 that figure sky-rocketed to £486m. It seems a massive figure … Read More

Got a P800? Don’t Pay Too Much Tax!

If you are one of the fortunate!? people to have received a P800 from HMRC, then you would be wise not to simply accept their assessment of your under or overpayment of tax. The HMRC are using estimated values for … Read More

UK PAYE system Overhaul Could Cause Problems for Businesses

The news that HMRC are overhauling the PAYE system has been greeted with some scepticism by Tax experts PwC. They claim that this could cause problems for businesses as they try to adapt to multiple changes at once. From October, … Read More

ITexpress Outsourced Payroll Services

The Benefits to your organisation of outsourcing your payroll are: You know all costs in advance – this makes budgeting simple You save time and money There is no administrative burden that is associated with managing your own payroll You … Read More