Google post updates to Search Engine Panda

A little while ago Google updated their search engine results with an update called Panda. Basically the update was aimed at low quality content and providing better quality search results. Google have posted an update through their blog pointing out … Read More

Why PAT Testing works well with IT Support

ITexpress have been delivering PAT Testing alongside IT support for quite a number of years now. It seemed to us such a logical step that we wondered why no-one else was doing it. Here are the main reasons our customers … Read More

What level of IT Support is suitable for my business?

All business owners know that keeping costs down is important, and there is a constant balancing act going on between how much money is spent on ‘back office’ type purchases, and ‘front end’ purchases, IT support usually being put in … Read More

Problems which can’t usually be resolved by remote IT support

Remote IT support is fantastic. It saves so much time just being able to allow your support company to login to your computer and fix problems. There are a few problems which can’t be fixed however; Internet Problems. If you … Read More

Why there is still a need for IT Support

You would think that in today’s world of high tech, with companies releasing gadget after gadget which supposedly simplifies our lives, that IT support companies would be a thing of the past, but if anything, we need IT support companies … Read More

HMRC Planning Real Time Update for PAYE information

From April 2013 HMRC will begin to roll out their planned Real Time Information (RTI) system for companies who have employees within the PAYE system. The basic change is that whereas companies currently send PAYE information to the HMRC after the … Read More

Apple Announce Mountain Lion Upgrade for OSX

It has to be said that most of our customers favour windows machines and servers, but there are a few customers who prefer Apple, and this number is steadily growing with the success of iPhone and iPad. We support and … Read More

How to Increase Your Search Engine Ranking with BackLinks

In our discussions on Search Engine Optimisation we mentioned backlinks and how search engines use these back links to decide how important your website is and therefore what position your website appears within the results (the higher the better of course!) Backlinks … Read More

Writing Effective Copy for Search Engine Optimisation

Yesterday we mentioned Search Engine Optimisation and what it means. One of the things we discussed was writing effective copy to make the most of your search engine ranking. We use keywords when talking about search engine rankings. The visitors … Read More

What is Search Engine Optimisation

What is Search Engine Optimisation and why should I care? This is something we are asked quite often as we talk to business owners about their website. Basically, your website can only convert a certain amount of visitors into customers, … Read More