IT Support

The importance of backing up your data

Every business knows data is important and the loss of it can be devastating. This is why it’s essential that you back up all files to prevent loss of work, time and productivity. Imagine losing everything. How would this impact … Read More

Protecting your business

Running a business is hard enough without having to be disrupted by IT problems. Even if you have relatively new technology you can still experience lost productivity and time if you suffer from an attack of some kind. Any cursory … Read More

Is Your Business Getting the Best from IT?

In my role I am lucky enough to speak to many business owners and also see how their businesses are doing and one thing is clear, this is a new age. Information is travelling faster than ever and recent studies … Read More

AVG Antivirus & AntiSpam – Only the best!

AVG AntiVirus Award winning AntiVirus 2015 protection detects, blocks, and removes viruses and malware from your company’s PCs and servers.  How does this benefit you?     Free 30 day trial – this allows you to try the full versions … Read More

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Released and Reviewed

Windows 8 Consumer Preview was released for download yesterday and it looks like it is getting some good reviews right now. We have managed to install it on a few machines with no real problems to report, although we’ll leave … Read More

What level of IT Support is suitable for my business?

All business owners know that keeping costs down is important, and there is a constant balancing act going on between how much money is spent on ‘back office’ type purchases, and ‘front end’ purchases, IT support usually being put in … Read More

Problems which can’t usually be resolved by remote IT support

Remote IT support is fantastic. It saves so much time just being able to allow your support company to login to your computer and fix problems. There are a few problems which can’t be fixed however; Internet Problems. If you … Read More

Why there is still a need for IT Support

You would think that in today’s world of high tech, with companies releasing gadget after gadget which supposedly simplifies our lives, that IT support companies would be a thing of the past, but if anything, we need IT support companies … Read More

Apple Announce Mountain Lion Upgrade for OSX

It has to be said that most of our customers favour windows machines and servers, but there are a few customers who prefer Apple, and this number is steadily growing with the success of iPhone and iPad. We support and … Read More

Don’t forget the technology tax

Using IT to help your business is not a one off cost. As time goes by, new updates and patches are released, hardware becomes outdated, and your IT equipment will become slower and perhaps no longer fulfill the needs of … Read More