Helping You Build a Better Business

itexpress-slide1Its been a little quiet on the blog over the last year but the team at ITexpress continue to help business owners improve their businesses getting the best from their IT. We have revamped our support service to accommodate businesses with multiple devices per person, including those team members who bring their own devices. This is becoming more and more common in todays busy offices and we are eager to ensure that every device you want to use is supported and your information is protected. At the same time we refreshed our website and marketing services to include more services to help you not only create a great website for your business but also promote it and generate more enquiries. Our final piece of work has been our Propellor Project. Propellor is a web based app which basically helps you take control of your business, and helps your team take control of their daily, weekly and monthly workload. Broadly speaking we have organised our services into Platform, Promotion and Productivity. We will be posting more information and revamping our own website to better communicate this to our customers and visitors but for now this small announcement sets the scene for us to know what is to come, which to be honest, is exactly what we have been doing since 1999, and that is helping business owners build better businesses.

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