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There’s no reason to have an outdated website

There’s no reason to have an outdated website

There’s no reason to have an outdated website

No matter how big or small your businesses, the importance of a modern, and an easy to navigate website is crucial for your brand’s image. According to research conducted by Google, the first impression of a webpage happens in the blink of an eye (50 milliseconds to be exact). Even more surprising, is that design, rather than content, shapes the perception of the website and therefore the brand associated to it. In an eye-opening study conducted about the trustworthiness of health websites, of all the factors that were mentioned for rejecting or mistrusting a website, 94% were design related; only 6% were content related.

Comparing the webpages of your competitors and industry to your own is more important than ever in order to not fall behind. Tools like pre-made templates for WordPress or Joomla and online storefronts like Shopify or Squarespace have allowed the creation of modern websites with little to no coding knowledge in the space of hours rather than weeks. Not having the time or budget to design and maintain a modern website can no longer be used as an excuse for neglecting your web presence.

In the race to create the most novel and aesthetically pleasing web pages, companies are relying more heavily on visual representation than ever before. Photos, videos, and illustrations are becoming a cornerstone of modern website design due to the boost in user engagement they bring. Whether you create a video to set a mood through a cinematic experience like this landing page for the movie Gravity, or choose to explain your mission and purpose through animation like the company Tectonica, video can help keep the consumer from clicking away.


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