Mobile optimization was once good to have

Mobile optimization

What was once thought as something “good to have,” having a mobile friendly website has become a necessity and a valuable investment for the future.

The main efforts of digital marketing are aimed at appealing to the Millennial generation, and hoping to persuade them to be customers for life. However, without an optimized digital presence on mobile devices, your overall marketing efforts will never reach their true potential.

We’re all becoming increasingly tethered to our mobile devices and Millennials especially are rarely seen without a mobile phone or tablet. 87% of this digital generation admits to never being without their phone. With mobile devices becoming such an integral part of their daily routines, Millennials are expecting more from brands and 86% are of the opinion that there are still a lot of websites without good mobile functionality. Even more worrying for brands that don’t have a strong mobile presence is that 14% wouldn’t do business with a company that doesn’t have a mobile site or app.

More and more, shoppers are turning to using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to research a product, comparing deals online, finding a retail outlet, and most importantly, making the purchase. Decreasing pain points in the user interface of a mobile optimized webpage or app has been shown to increase conversions by 160%.  Be sure to not lose out on these sales by making sure your mobile shopping experience is user-friendly.

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