Importance Of Goal Setting

Why is it important to set goals for yourself?

To propel you forward you need a goal. Writing a goal down gives you something to plan and work for and something for you to accomplish. A written goal is an external representation of your inner desires, a constant reminder of what you need and want to accomplish. When setting a goal you put your mind to it, motivating yourself to work like mad. Focusing and visualising a goal is the perfect way to improve your motivational skills.

Goals transform mountains into mole hills. Partitioning down the overall aspiration into little stepping stones makes it seem less intimidating and easier to reach. Planning towards smaller goals also makes it easier to come up with a definite plan to be worked towards, and provides greater motivation and contentment in the bigger view.

Setting goals helps you believe in yourself and fuels your ambition to work towards something. It also gives us the inspiration we need to confide in ourselves to focus on the little aims for things we didn’t even think were possible.

If you don’t write down solid goals and give yourself a deadline to achieve a goal, how are you able to look back and re-evaluate what you did if you were to fail? Whereas if you set goals and fail in the bigger picture, you have something to fall back on and re-evaluate the goals to see where you went wrong. Isn’t this a good enough reason for you to set yourself goals that could change your life in the bigger picture?

By asking ourselves what we really want and constantly going over our goals, we gain the benefit of self-reflection allowing us to really figure out what we want from life and how to get there in tiny steps.

When you set goals, you are gearing yourself to get the most out of every moment and you live your life to the fullest. There is so much in life to do and experience, but it definitely can’t just be handed to us on plate; we need to work hard for it! To do this – SET YOURSELF GOALS!!!

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