Windows 10 is coming soon

windows 10 pic 1The newest version of windows, Windows 10, is due to be released on the 29th July of this year, 2015. There are several similar and new features to be explored.

Combining the strengths of windows 8 with Windows 7 enables you to familiarise yourself with Windows 10 having near enough the same layout and similar features that have been changed and made better along with brand new features. One of the new features includes Microsoft Edge, this is an all new browser that is specifically built to give you a better web experience. There is also a multi-doing feature which allows you to get things done faster. You are able to have up to four apps in place which you are able to see all at the same time showing up as one single view. A windows insider said “This windows will definitely blow all the other versions of Windows out of the water.” You are able to access a windows store from your PC/tablet/phone where you can purchase digital content including apps, games, music, movies, and TV shows. There are some built in apps for windows 10 and these include; maps, photos, mail and calendar, music and video.

What makes windows 10 different in comparison to the others?

In comparison to windows 8, Windows 10 is the last version that is to be released. If you are an existing user of windows 7 & windows 8, when upgrading to Windows 10 your first year is completely free. Windows 10 brought back the start button, adds multiple desktops and an adaptable interface.

Windows 10 brought back the start button after Microsoft received complaints for having it removed on windows 8. Microsoft was very focused on introducing the world to the live ties interface, it was assumed that users would not mind a desktop with reduced functionality. It was seen as a critical error and is why it has been brought back with the brand new windows 10. Now, the start button allows you to access apps, search for content and pin apps, contacts and websites into it.

windows10pic2Cortana, the personal assistant is going to be pre-loaded into windows 10 instead of being separate. It has been said that Cortana will be able to give regional specific answers to questions.


The new web browser feature being launched within windows 10, Microsoft Edge, has three key features that have so far been demonstrated:

  1. Users can operate any web page using finger/stylus or keyboard input
  2. Spartan will have a reading mode
  3. The Cortana voice assistant will be integrated into the browser.


Microsoft has confirmed that windows 10 will support the fast identity online standard allowing users to be able to sign into most used apps such as outlook using a variety of biometric tools e.g. fingerprint readers and retina scanners. You are able to access for the first time, windows devices and Microsoft-owned and partner SaaS services supported by Azure Active Directory authentication all without a password, with windows 10 which couldn’t be done in windows 8.

windows10pic3Microsoft was determined to push “touch first” mantra with windows 8, the experience on traditional machine where keyboards and mice were the primary form of input. This was only addressed to some extent with the 8.1 update and could over-come the problem in windows 10.

Microsoft have finally introduced multiple desktops which users have particularly been waiting for as it will make work easier and allows you to work on different projects at the same time.

Power users will be pleased to see that copy and paste will be enabled in windows 10 command prompt.

When windows 10 is released admins will be able to manage devices through traditional methods such as active directory and system centre. Windows 10 will also include extended built in mobile device management capabilities which makes it easier to manage the device from the cloud.

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