How much does IT effect business success or failure?

There are many studies on why businesses fail and at what rate. Many studies say that up to 80% of businesses fail in the first 18 months andĀ for one main reason and that is because of the owners! These owners are short on business knowledge and don’t really think strategically. This is interesting for us as a technology company as we tend to work best when there is a strategy for business growth in place. Without a strategy for growth IT is usually thought of as a cost rather than an investment and when IT is perceived as a cost then it is rarely used effectively.

With a strategy for growth in place then IT is nearly always an integral part of that plan. Selecting the right platform for your business and then investing in it will pay dividends as information can be communicated throughout the business more efficiently, employees are more productive, and the information available to the owners is massively improved.

60% of businesses which suffer severe data loss will fail within a year.

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