2014 IT Review

On the face of it 2014 was a quiet year in terms of IT and business. There were no new must have gadgets released and the usual suspects such as tablets and smartphones simply got version upgrades and not particularly significant ones either.

On the software front it was also a bit quiet, with a small update from Apple and a very early preview of Windows 10 from Microsoft. The ‘cloud’ was busier with big increases in performance and reductions in price from both Amazon and Microsoft. We also have major uptake for cloud services using services like dropbox, icloud, one drive and Google Drive. This is all set to become even more popular in 2015.

From a business point of view, there wasn’t much to invest in last year so if you didn’t spend too much on IT then don’t feel bad. The economy did pick up though so many of our customers were spending money on improving websites and adding more internet based selling tools to there arsenal. This is all set to continue into 2015.

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