Price for Microsoft Surface Pro Edition is revealed

Microsoft has revealed its prices for it Windows Pro Edition of the Surface Tablet. It announced that the device, which will be released in January, will start at $899 (£560) for the basic model.

The price is a massive $400 more than the existing Surface tablet, which sold out in the first few weeks of its release earlier this year. However the difference in price reflects in the performance of the Pro Edition.

Surface with Windows Pro features an Intel Chip which allows it to run the full version of the Windows 8 operating system. Its faster processor also enables you to run software such as Photoshop, which is a massive bonus for people taking full advantage of the built in 1080p HD camera.

Both versions of the Surface can be operated as a 10.6inch touchscreen tablet or used alongside the detachable keyboard to mimic the functionality of a notebook computer. The Windows RT version of Surface is powered by an ARM-based chip from Nvidia offers a longer battery life but can only run a limited about of third party software that you can download from Microsoft’s app store.

Although the Pro version is more expensive it is faster and avoids any of these restrictions. However, it is heavier because it features a higher capacity battery to run a more power-hungry processor.

Microsoft have developed two models for you to choose from. A 64GB version for $899 and a 128GB version for $999, neither price include a detachable keyboard which will add at least another $99.

While many industry watchers have high hopes for the Surface Pro, one actually commenting that it would be far more attractive to the market that the RT version. Others suggested that buyers sit back and wait for new devices to be released, which may be more compelling and cheaper.


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