4 Millions Windows 8 Upgrades in 4 Days

After selling 4 million upgrades in 4 days, Microsoft is off to an amazing start thanks to its newest operating system Windows 8.

Many “techies” suggest this is mainly down to the multitude of changes and dynamic new approach to altering how we all use our PC’s and mobile devices.

Not since Windows XP have Microsoft produced such a massive overhaul to their operating system, and over time has been criticized for being creatures of habit. That title can now be squashed, Enter Windows 8!!

The release of Windows 8 has already helped the computing giant smash Apples record of 3 million downloads in 4 days, of its OSX Lion operating system, and it looks set to become one of the most popular operating systems of its kind, with millions of Smartphone handsets and Tablets due to be released running Windows 8, popularity for this software is only going to grow.

So, have you upgraded to Windows 8 yet?? If you have why not let us know how you like it.

By Claire Gard

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