New Office on Windows Phone 8 Arrives

Today, Microsoft have introduced the new version of Office that is available on every Windows Phone 8.

They have worked tirelessly to complete their 5 main objectives for this piece of software, seemingly putting sync-ability and sharing top of the list for those who need it on the move. The whole point of a mobile phone is that it’s mobile after all, and this is another bit of software gadgetry that will mean you can work from literally anywhere.

Where sharing and syncing are concerned there have been some really intuitive changes. Microsoft have redesigned The Office Hub, your “go-to” place for Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Finding and accessing your documents on SkyDrive, Office 360 and Sharepoint is easier and more streamlined.

If you one of many who currently use Office 360 your documents will now travel with you, Even if you have them on different devices. No matter which device you used last to view or edit your files it will show up in your recently used documents on your Windows Phone 8. Any email attachments you’ve opened in Outlook Mobile will show automatically in the Office hub and you will be able to share these with others.  Office hub also takes advantage of the new “Tap + Send” feature in Windows Phone 8 to let you share your documents by tapping your phone to another NFC-capable device.

Office content viewing is now a more delightful experience, with the view adjusted for the unique attributes of Windows Phone 8. Editing in Word, Excel and PowerPoint have been made even easier by introducing a number of noticeable improvements.

PowerPoint works seamlessly and the added portrait mode with speaker notes and slide thumbnails make navigating between slides a lot easier.

The new full-screen reading mode in Word is an amazing improvement. Your controls automatically move out of the way to put your content at centre stage.

Excel also has some vast improvements. Workbooks open at the last saved sheet and zoom level, navigating through a large excel worksheet is now faster and more fluid. New touch-friendly handles make range selection and resizing a breeze.

Microsoft has converted its OneNote Mobile to a separate app that’s always ready to capture your notes as soon as you need it. Simply tapping the OneNote tile and you can take quick text, photo and voice notes. It also offers you the option to access your notes from other devices. With many new features to the OneNote app such as speech notes and allowing you to make spontaneous notes even if you phone is locked, makes this a really noteworthy app.

Windows Phone 8 continues to offer the best Office communications experience on any mobile device. The integration of your Outlook emails, calendars and tasks are simpler than ever. Many communication apps available like Skype and Yammer mean you can communicate with all of your networks as and when you need them. Windows Phone 8 is now available 50 languages, supports complex script and UI mirroring. With the new Office update and the amazing new features added to this device you can take your work with you everywhere.

By Claire Gard

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