A beginner’s guide to WordPress – Getting started by editing your Pages

Welcome to A Beginner’s Guide to WordPress by Itexpress. We will be uploading information on how to update and populate your WordPress Website to give you complete control over your content. Updating your website also connects you directly with your visitors and allows you to respond to comments and gain leads and ultimately, more sales. Keep checking every week for a new guide and if there is something we haven’t covered that you’d like us to then give us a call and let us know.

Editing your pre-designed Pages

So you have a website and you have a number of pages that were pre-designed and text written to populate your site for you. But now things within the business have changed and some of the information on your pages aren’t applicable anymore. What do you do? Do you ring your designer? Email your new text over and wait for a simple copy and paste job….. No, don’t be daft. When it’s easy enough and quick enough to do it yourself why approach someone else to do it for you. And once you have the hang of doing simple jobs like this you can edit and update information in your own time and not have to wait around for others to “fit your job in”.

While reading the Beginners Guide you should always refer to the screenshots for a visual and remember that if you get stuck we are only on the other end of the phone.

Right, let’s get you started.

Dashboard Screenshot

You’re logged into WordPress and the first screen you should see is your Dashboard (Image above). On your left hand side menu you will see a tab that reads “Pages”, click on this tab and it will take you to the place where all your pages are stored.

Select Pages from the Left hand menu.

From this place you can edit, update, add pages and delete pages on your website. For now though we are going to edit a page. Chose the page you wish to edit by clicking on it. It will take you through to text boxes with all the paragraphs and pictures from your page. Simply edit the text by using it as you would in Microsoft Word or typing an email, if it’s a small amount you can just delete and type in what you want or if it’s a large amount highlight the area you want to edit, delete, and copy and paste your new text from a saved word document. You can also control the font, alignment, add bullet points and use the bold, italic and underlining tools from the toolbar options situated just about the text box. Use these just as you would if you was using Microsoft Word.

Highlight your text accordingly to bulk delete or simply write new text where you want it in your page.

Remember, every change you make you must update. To do this you will see a blue button to the right of your text box that is labelled “Update” click this. You can keep checking the progress of your amendments by clicking the “Preview Changes” button, which will open a new tab on your browser and allow you to view the actual page as it appears on your website. To come off this, simply close the tab and continue to edit if you need to.

Wrong Pictures? What wrong Pictures?

You have edited your text and everything is correct as you want it to be and you see a picture of a product you don’t sell anymore. You can’t leave it on, that wouldn’t be right, you don’t want to remove the picture because it makes your page look visually interesting, you could always change it. It’s not hard to do and allows you to have complete control of what people see on your website. Click on the picture you want to delete, two small boxes will appear at the top left corner of the picture, if you hover you mouse over them one will read “Edit Image” and the other which is a red circle with a line through it will read “Delete Image”, Click “Delete Image” and it will disappear.

Clicking on the picture will bring up two boxes in the top left hand corner of the image. These boxes allow you to edit your image or delete it from your page completely.
This is the image upload box. You can either browse files on your computer to find the image you want or drag it from your pictures folder directly into the upload box.

Once you have decided on the picture you want to replace it with select the button above your text box that says “Upload/Insert”, a new box will open that will allow you to browse for the picture you want by clicking on “Select Files” or simply drag your chosen picture from your Pictures folder on your computer and drop it straight into your upload box.

Drag from your pictures folder on your computer into the upload box on WordPress.

You will now see that your picture has been uploaded onto WordPress. From here you can adjust the alignment or the size of your new image by choosing the appropriate options and once you’ve done this you can “Insert into Post”.

Highlight left, right, center or none to tell WordPress where you want your picture. Choose from Thumbnail, medium, Large or full size to resize your picture accordingly.

You can use this same method to add new picture to your pages, just make sure you place your curser on the location you’d like your picture to be and select “Upload/Insert”. It couldn’t be simpler. And don’t forget, Update update update. For any of your changes to take effect you have to update.

You have now edited your WordPress Page. Well done you.

By Claire Gard

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