Android Apps Accessible on Windows 8 Devices

With the release of Windows 8 imminent, exciting news was announced today that you will be able to run Android Apps on the new software.

Collaboration between AMD and Software firm Bluestacks, allows devices to run the 500,000 apps currently found on the Android marketplace.

Some Windows 8 Laptops & PC’s built around chips made by AMD will come optimised to run the Android Apps, however Windows 8 Phones will only be able to use Apps available from the Microsoft Windows Store.

This deal means that future AMD-based gadgets will ship the AppZone player installed, letting users get the Apps that they would normally use on their Android devices. The player also lets users sync their Apps across both their PC and their phone or tablet.

Bluestacks Android-running software also works on some Intel-Powered devices, including Macs but typically has to be installed after a gadget has been bought and booted up.

By Claire Gard

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