Meeting Helmsley in Business, Helmsley’s new Business Group

Helmsley in BusinessITexpress met with a few of the members of the newly formed ‘Helmsley in Business’ group today. They had seen the work we had done with the ‘I Love Goole’ campaign and wanted to know more.

During these last few years it has become clear that the traditional forms of advertising and marketing are no longer as effective in attracting customers, and even tourism hotspots like Helmsley have found themselves needing to branch out and try new methods to not only attract visitors and customers, but to encourage them to return again and again.

Businesses also can’t expect the public bodies to provide answers and funding, as their own monies are decreasing and if anything, they are keen to take money out of the business enterprise, not put money in. Businesses are really on their own, and wherever possible, we recommend that business owners should get together and try joint ventures, or leverage each others talents to help each other become more successful. Keeping in touch with visitors and customers is paramount in getting your message out there and remaining in the customers’ consciousness, so that whenever they think about the industry you are in, your brand is the first thing they recall.

We had a really enjoyable chat and we wish Helmsley in Business all the success with their new venture.



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