Why PAT Testing works well with IT Support

pat testing questionsITexpress have been delivering PAT Testing alongside IT support for quite a number of years now. It seemed to us such a logical step that we wondered why no-one else was doing it. Here are the main reasons our customers tell us they benefit;

  • An IT specialist is turning off the machines and then turning them back on
  • The Asset register is kept up to date
  • Small IT problems are resolved at the same time
  • Slow and out of date machines are noted and addressed
  • No need to remember who to call for PAT Testing
  • New equipment can be PAT tested when installed
  • Discount!

PAT testing is one of those tasks which can easily be forgotten and yet can be quite important (very important if an accident should occur!). By bundling it with some customers IT support contracts it has been a great timesaver and one less job to organise.


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