Problems which can’t usually be resolved by remote IT support

remote supportRemote IT support is fantastic. It saves so much time just being able to allow your support company to login to your computer and fix problems. There are a few problems which can’t be fixed however;

  • Internet Problems. If you don’t have an internet connection, then how can anyone log in?
  • Some Viruses. Viruses can prevent remote software from working, and can also render computers unusable.
  • Networking problems. Some networking problems will need on site support, as cables can be faulty, and other computers can be the cause of the problem
  • Printing problems. We can usually fix a printer connection, but it is hard to fix a printer over the internet when it siomply refuses to print
  • Computer Hardware problems. If the PC isn’t working then obviously it needs an onsite visit. Also, if the PC will only boot up in safe mode then sometimes remote software will not work.

Remote IT support can solve many problems, but it is also only really a halfway step. If a problem takes longer than 20-30 minutes to resolve then it is probably better to have an onsite support visit. People sometimes forget that when a remote IT support worker is helping fix a problem, the operator is also not working, and sometimes even having to help the remote worker with the problem. Having an onsit visit usually means that the operator can go off and work somewhere else, or at least get some paperwork done whilst the technician fixes the problem.

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