Why there is still a need for IT Support

it support problemsYou would think that in today’s world of high tech, with companies releasing gadget after gadget which supposedly simplifies our lives, that IT support companies would be a thing of the past, but if anything, we need IT support companies more than ever.

Up until a few years ago we seemed to be in a Microsoft only world, with mobile phones which were simply phones, and software that came in a box on a bunch of cd’s or dvd’s. Nowadays mobile phones are mini computers, able to connect to your business and even allow you to produce work on them. Software is now mostly downloaded, and more often than not, contains technology which allows you to store information on the internet (commonly known as the ‘cloud’). And finally, it is no longer a Microsoft only world. Google and Apple are producing hardware and software which business people want to use in their businesses and they want them to work seamlessly ‘as advertised’.

IT support companies who may have thought that the industry giants were finding ways simplify IT for their customers and take them out of the equation, now receive requests to connect businesses across the globe, using the usual laptops and desktops, and also mobile phones and tablets. If anything, the role of the IT support company has grown in recent years, as businesses have become so reliant on IT systems that it is hard to think of any business starting out without the need for an IT platform to help them sell to customers and purchase from suppliers.

The truth is that IT isn’t simple, and as the upgrade cycle continues to increase, it will become more complicated. As new industry leaders pop up and legacy companies decline, the creation of standard protocols becomes difficult, so none of the brands will really work simply together, and if you try to go to one brand only, then you are at the mercy of their upgrade schedule, which is very rarely in anyone interest but their own.

On the positive, this is all very exciting for IT support companies like ourselves and it should be exciting for businesses. With more innovations comes more opportunities for younger businesses to outpace older, more established businesses, as they can invest in these new technologies faster. Fun times.


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