Apple Announce Mountain Lion Upgrade for OSX

mountain lionIt has to be said that most of our customers favour windows machines and servers, but there are a few customers who prefer Apple, and this number is steadily growing with the success of iPhone and iPad. We support and use both, and Apple announced some exciting news recently with the next version of their OSX operating system, Mountain Lion.

There are apparently over 100 new features being released with Mountain Lion. Here are some of our favourites;

  • iCloud. Sync all your documents, pictures, movies, and music across all your Apple devices
  • Messages. Apples unified messaging system
  • Reminders. Apple’s to-do list app now syncs between devices
  • Notes. Similar to reminders you can sync your notes
  • Notification Centre. We hate the notification centre, but now you get it on OSX
  • Share. You can share websites and other documents with a share button, which links with Vimeo, Flickr and others
  • Twitter. Apple have integrated Twitter into OSX
  • Game Centre. You will now be able to play those meaningless social games on your Mac too.
  • AirPlay Mirroring. Want to push your desktop to your Apple tv? Well now you can.
  • Gatekeeper. A security feature which aims to protect your mac from malware, by only allowing you to install software from the Mac store (don’t worry, you can turn it off, for now!)

We’re looking forward to getting our Developer Preview installed and getting a real look at the new upgrade.





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