How to Increase Your Search Engine Ranking with BackLinks

Search Engine OptimisationIn our discussions on Search Engine Optimisation we mentioned backlinks and how search engines use these back links to decide how important your website is and therefore what position your website appears within the results (the higher the better of course!)

Backlinks are links from other websites to yours. It is better to have one way links than it is to swap links and it is better if these links come from websites with more authority than yours (search engines aren’t really a democracy, some websites are more equal than others and links from them carry more weight).

Here are a few ways to get backlinks;

  • Write a guest post on a blog
  • Add the link in your signature on forums
  • Comment on other websites
  • Write press releases with links built in and post them to press submision engines
  • add articles to your site and push them out to social networks
  • Add your site link to directory sites
  • Write great content which encourages other sites to link to it

Getting more backlinks will help your website get higher rankings in the search engines, but this is usually quite hard work. The best way to get links is simply to write great content and then other sites will link to you anyway.

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