Making the Most of Employees Social Media Habits

TwitterSocial Media is here to stay, and by that I mean that your employees, as well as your customers, are spending more time on social media sites every day. Businesses find this trend alarming, as not only do customers respond less predictably to marketing efforts, but there is a fear of reduced productivity from employees.

The truth is that even when you restrict access to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc. your employees are simply accessing these sites from their mobile phones, and therefore disappearing on more toilet breaks, cigarette breaks, or pointless journeys across the office to do so.

So what can a business do to make the most out of rmployees’ social media habits?;

  • Appoint some employees to champion a social media initiative
  • Make social media a central part of your marketing mix
  • encourage employees to post on the facebook page and to answer queries
  • Encourage employees to search for your business name on Twitter and respond to queries
  • Accept that social media is here to stay and┬áby being open about it is better than pretending it doesn’t exist
  • Set social media challenges for employees, such as a number of likes or tweets about the business

It can be difficult to traverse this new movement into social media but you might find you already have plenty of experts on board in your own team. Why not be brave and embrace social media within your organisation?



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