Why Social Media may not work for your small business

TwitterThere are more and more social media experts around nowadays, and they seem to be promising that social media will produce instant results. It isn’t true.

In most cases we use social media to attract an audience to a particular piece of content. That could be a page on your website, a video on youtube, or a news article perhaps. All of these things are then sent to the social media sites as links, whether that be on your facebook page or by a twitter tweet. Even if you have the facebook page and the twitter profile and have conversations using those sites, you still need a ‘base’ which is usually your website, and this is where people interested in you will go.

The thing that most of these experts aren’t telling you is that if you don’t produce great, compelling, and relevant content, then you won’t get any results worth the cost of hiring the expert.

What we recommend is to first start producing content, and produce it regularly, so then when you start pushing into social media, you will have a good foundation. Just by getting into the habit of producing blog posts like this one or getting some short videos on youtube you increase the chances of success massively.

Sending out some nonsense competition tweet to get followers or even worse, saying you will donate some money if you get enough followers, will not result in any real advocates of your business, which is what we aim for in social media marketing.



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