How Often Should I Send My Email Newsletter?

email newsletter frequencyA question we get asked a lot is how often should a business send out it’s email newsletters. Many business owners are reticent to sending out newsletters, as they don’t want to overwhelm their subscriber base. Although it is possible to do this, you may find you can send out your newsletter more often than you might think.

You see, no-one is ever really going to read every single one of your newsletters. In the busy lives people lead today, they just don’t have time, and can’t pay that much attention. There is also some psychology at play here, in that it isn’t until you start thinking about a particular problem, that your mind opens to potential solutions. When you are ready to buy a new car, you start to notice adverts and documents which focus on cars, and when you are thinking about booking a holiday, you automatically seem to see everything about holidays. The truth is that these things were always crossing your desk, you just didn’t pay any attention to them because you weren’t really interested at the time. This is the same for your newsletter audience.

So, back to the answer to how frequently you should send your newsletter, then I think weekly is what you should work to achieve, and if it is too hard to create that newsletter in that timescale then fortnightly as a minimum. Monthly newsletters can work but if you are determined to only do a monthly newsletter then that newsletter needs to be significant in size and you will have to work very hard on headlines in order for it to draw the attention of the audience, because if they miss it then they won’t have heard from you in two months, and that’s not what most businesses want.


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