Windows Phone is the most talked about phone at CES

Windows Phone at CESOver the last few years it seems that Apple have monopolised the ‘coolness’ factor with their iPhone. I know here at ITexpress, many customers and their employees have been getting iPhones and connecting them to their business systems. Windows Phone was released over a year ago and so far it has been pretty much ignored. We loved it and two of us immediately switched from iPhone to Windows Phone.

It seems that Microsoft might be finally getting the attention they deserve as information comes out of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Wired report the following;

“The past year has really been the whole push to build what clearly can be the strong third ecosystem in the smartphone market, with a very differentiated point of view,” said Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer at the Nokia keynote this week.”

It is true that Windows Phone is completely different to the iPhone, which sometimes looks almost old fashioned when compared with the tiles of Windows Phone. The trouble is that iPhone is now in its 5th version and still largely looks the same. Android Phone is simply a copy of iPhone, and so Windows is in the strange position as being a true innovator in this marketplace. Even iPhone hasn’t really moved away from good old desktop icons, all they did was make them look cool with rounded corners and drop shadow.

Have you checked out the Windows Phone yet?

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