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Systems & Infrastructure

Systems & Infrastructure

At ITexpress we believe that your IT system is the platform that you run your business on. This platform works better for you if it is as invisible as possible and works fast as well as with great stability. The more attention you pay to the platform when deciding how to proceed the better it will serve you and your team as your business grows.

As with all of our products and services our process starts with a discussion about your business, what you struggle with, what you currently have in place and the plans for the next few years. We then also conduct a site survey if required before presenting you with our recommendations. Once we agree the best course of action we draw up a plan and then start to prepare.

In many cases we may prepare systems off site to reduce disruption to your business and at the same time co-ordinate the transfer of data and backups etc before coming on site and installing everything. We can implement over the weekend to ensure you have as little downtime as possible.

After we have implemented your system we restore all the data and ensure you and your team are conversant with everything and we also usually attend on-site during that first day to ensure there are no hiccups or niggles which crop up from time to time.

Once your system or system improvements are in place and you are happy everything is working properly we then move on to the ongoing support and maintenance of your business platform so you can spend more time on improving your business and not on IT problems.

Our Process

Implementation Plan
Backing Up Data, Gathering Passwords ect
Initial Installs & Off Site Preparation
Install at Clients and restore data
Training and Orientation
Final checks and Completion
Ongoing support and Maintenance

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