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The ITexpress Culture

Its not what we do, its the way we do it


We aim to increase the speed of whatever we do


IT is often frustrating, we aim to ease that pain


Do what we promise to do


Always add value


Don’t accept the status quo, lets make things better


Good News and Not so Good news, honesty is the best policy

Service is our core, our DNA

Many companies will say they have great service, but how many companies place service at the core of everything they do. When looking at our core values above you will notice they are spelling out Service with a missing final ‘e’. That e stands for excellence. By focusing everything we do on our core values and then in addition striving to be the best people we can be in the best company we can be we one day expect to reach a level of excellence
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  • Speed 
  • Empathy
  • Reliability 
  • Value 
  • Innovation 
  • Communication 
  • Excellence 
  • Work should be fun 
  • Everyone has potential 


The speed with which we answer calls, deal with problems and the speed at which our technology works


Our follow up with problems that have been solved. How understanding we are when resolving problems with our customers and ourselves


How often we keep our promises, arriving on time, delivering within budgets and timescales. Consistency is key to our mission


How much value we add to the technology product or solution we provide and how that value is based upon client benefits and not just features


How many new ideas we create which help our clients, and improvements to our own systems and process.


How well we communicate with our clients, prospective clients and ourselves. Transparency is important as well as frequency and content


Are we best in class? How do our clients rate our company against competitors? All of the things we do to improve our company on the continual pursuit for excellence

Core Value Spotlight: Innovation

Probably the most important culture value we have is Innovation. It is important for us to make a habit of asking ‘why?’ and trying new ways of doing things better. Creativity is key to this and this video from TED highlights how important it is to allow employees to express their creativity at work. This is something we try and improve regularly
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