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Making the Most of Employees Social Media Habits

Social Media is here to stay, and by that I mean that your employees, as well as your customers, are spending more time on social media sites every day. Businesses find this trend alarming, as not only do customers respond less predictably to marketing efforts, but there is a fear of reduced productivity from employees.

The truth is that even when [...]

Danbrit Shipping Website goes live with help from ITexpress

Another week, another website goes live, this time it is Danbrit Shipping who have chosen an ITexpress website. This was a very exciting project for ITexpress as Danbrit are a very popular business within Goole and have in many ways influenced the development of Goole over the last few decades.

Danbrit wanted to be able to edit their website themselves and [...]

Don’t forget the technology tax

Using IT to help your business is not a one off cost. As time goes by, new updates and patches are released, hardware becomes outdated, and your IT equipment will become slower and perhaps no longer fulfill the needs of the day.

It’s worthwhile thinking about this as a technology tax, and it only gets more expensive the longer you leave [...]

What are the Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll

Many small businesses underestimate just how much work and time is taken up by processing their own payroll. By the time you have employed more than a few people the payroll function is already starting to get complicated and you might find you are spending time away from customers and your core business. In our view, there are many benefits [...]

Anilas Sauces Celebrate 20 Years in Business

Its amazing how fast time goes by, and it only seems like yesterday when ITexpress opened its doors, although it was over 12 years ago now. One of our favourite customers, Anila Vaghela, is celebrating her 20th year in business this year, and we wish her all the best for what must be an exciting time.

Anila approached ITexpress to redesign her [...]

14 Reasons to Look Forward to Windows 8

‘It’s inevitable Mr Anderson’ says Smith from The Matrix, and the upcoming release of another version of Windows is also inevitable. Upgrades are usually a time for frustration for the IT departments and existing users, but always exciting for the new user or when you sensibly buy a new PC to run the new operating system on.

We at ITexpress are [...]

Why Social Media may not work for your small business

There are more and more social media experts around nowadays, and they seem to be promising that social media will produce instant results. It isn’t true.

In most cases we use social media to attract an audience to a particular piece of content. That could be a page on your website, a video on youtube, or a news article perhaps. All [...]

Companies paying PAYE bills with Credit Cards

More businesses than ever are paying their PAYE bills with credit cards, says In 2005/2006 only about £2m of tax bills were paid by credit card but in 2010/2011 that figure sky-rocketed to £486m.

It seems a massive figure and logically we should ask the question why? Why are these businesses not cutting their employees to make the savings required? [...]

Introducing the I Love Goole Loyalty Card

As part of our work with the Business in Goole organisation (Andy is the chairman) we have been privileged to be part of the team involved in creating a new initiative for the town of Goole. There has often been discussions and talk about a loyalty card scheme for Goole, and it looks like we have finally managed to set it [...]

European Lawmakers Want “Right to Be Forgotten”

There seems to be some weight being put behind new internet privacy laws in our European Government. I am not sure whether this will entail anything onerous for businesses but legislators are discussing laws which would allow a user to request his or her details being removed from a website, such as  Facebook or Twitter. This from Mashable;
“The suggested law [...]